HydraSpecma Group



A strong Q4 finish to an unprecedented year has led to an overall satisfying, but challenging year for HydraSpecma. 

Thanks to a high degree of flexibility across all functions and locations in HydraSpecma combined with an agile and prudent supplier base, we have managed to win market shares and maintain a high level of customer confidence.

We look back at a 2020, where we despite of the relatively difficult market conditions have managed to make HydraSpecma more relevant than ever.

Morten Kjær, CEO of HydraSpecma states: "I must say that I am extremely proud of the way our organization have navigated through 2020 and the results we together have achieved in the conditions we were facing".

Supported by our strong and long-term owners, Schouw & Co., we have been able to continue to invest in our customers and our employees future. This underlines one of our owner's mantra's; "Demanding, but patient".

We have reached many of our CSR goals for 2020 and will continue to set new ambitious and realistic goals for the future.
You can read more about our ESG ambitions in our Annual ESG Report here.

We continue to see an increasing interest and demand for electric and hybrid solutions from existing as well as new customers. 2020 was the year where HydreSpecma established a dedicated Center of Excellence for Electrification.

In 2020 our eCommerce platform has really proven its relevance. We will continue to invest in our webshop and logistic setup to give our customers even better access to our wide assortment 24/7.
Visit our HydraSpecma webshop and try out our hose configurator or other new functions.

Read our full 2020 Annual Report here.