On this page you can read more about HydraSpecma’s corporate responsibility, our commitment to UN global compact’s sustainable development goals, our approach to anti-corruption, our diversity policy and gain access to our whistleblower hotline we have established with our owners Schouw & Co.

At HydraSpecma we find it natural to place great value on our corporate responsibility as a company based in the Nordics. We see our global presence as an opportunity to export a sustainable and responsible mindset to other parts of the world.


HydraSpecma has departments and divisions around the globe. No matter what country we may have presence in, we are committed to comply with human rights and to treat our employees with dignity and respect.

We support and respect the rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO’s conventions and recommendations.

At HydraSpecma we always choose our candidates and future employees based on qualifications and competencies. We do not discriminate, and we do not consider sex, race, religion or sexual orientation when hiring new employees or include new members to our management.   

Neither do we accept any form of discrimination or persecution based on religion, race, skin color, sex, handicap, age, sexual orientation, political stance or any other form of persecution.