Leak free systems

Operating in nature requires extra awareness when in comes to leakage and spill.

With HydraSpecma’s preassembled hose with our uniquely designed PG fittings combined with our strong quality assurance, your machines will operate leak free with good conscience in the forest.

At HydraSpecma we call that OUR FUTURE – OUR RESPONSIBILITY.


Simulate First

To ensure a short time to market and a long lifetime in your solutions we offer HydraSpecma SimSystems.

With SimSystems we simulate the topologic flow in your hoses to make sure that the final installed hose has as little wear and tear as possible.

That way your solution is simulated to optimal performance when prototyping and that is why we at HydraSpecma say: Simulate First!

Hybrid Solutions

Reduction of fossil fuels are essential to combat global warming.

At HydraSpecma we are experienced in designing hybrid solutions that will allow your machines to operate with battery electric solutions instead of a combustion engine.


Monitoring and Control

Make sure that your hydraulic system are performing.

With HydraSpecma’s solution you can monitor your system from the most common available platforms: Computer, tablet or phone.



In-House assembly cells with Poka-Yoke systems

At HydraSpema we have our own production units with the newest technology in our assembly cells and Poka-Yoke systems in place.

This means that you will experience 100% built-in quality control and fast identification and implementation of possible improvement in our production.




Rikard Enander
Sales Director OEM Mobile  
Rikard Enander
Sales Director OEM Mobile
+46 31 89 17 52